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All right, I should have had this posted with the date "Dec 18th" since I was home around 6:30pm due to my store closing at 6:00pm. But instead I came home and decided to use my new found free time to watch some anime I've had sitting around for about a month and a half. So I did. Then some other stuff happened and my friend Chris said "Hey you didn't post on LJ!" That led to me being here at last. Aaaand then I slip in the snow in the garden while walking the dog. I used that as a good enough reason to take the shower I meant to take anyway.

My happy for Thursday the 18th was, primarily SNOW!!!! Tons of it compared to the time before. Secondary to that but also a resulting factor: early work closure. That and Chris the store manager was cool about leaving clothes behind instead of his usual crazy self that would want to get everything done.

And something from Wednesday: I finally got our Christmas tree decorated! The tree itself has been sitting in its stand for a week or two. At first it was undecorated because I didn't have the parts of the stand meant to keep the three stable. Then Ben the room mate made his own solution. It works....mostly. Then The lights I thought worked fine only half worked after I had them on the tree. Trying to fix them, I broke them entirely. Two of the three bunches from my Mom worked, but one of those was this terrible tangle. So we borrowed some from a friend. One worked great, the other was half out, but I rescued the bottom of the tree with the short strand that was left from my Mom's stuff. Three quarters of the tree is colored and the bottom bit is in white lights.

The end happy for that too long tale is that I got tubs of Christmas stuff from my Mom. So this year, after 4 years of lacking, I got to decorate with the ornaments and things I'd used for years on our family tree. My sister would prefer the "simple" way we've been decorating (just some bulb ornaments and matching garland). I love having all those ornaments on there. Nostalgic. Be nice if we could have a larger tree (or at least taller) for next year though.
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