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So Saturday was just a blah day. I woke up late and didn't get to go anywhere or do anything that I had hoped to get done. I suppose my "happy" for the day would be getting "no deaths" on a few Little Big Planet levels since that was my main activity for the day.

Sunday was a pretty good day in the "looking at the big picture" sort of way. They canceled church, which was a mixed blessing. I got my friend Tom to drive me to the mall and got a fair chunk of shopping done. But then I went back to Karen's place where my sister was still hanging out. Then we started work on my sister's gift for Mike/Q which was a wooden puzzle sort of thing that would end up looking like a motorcycle. That was around 6pm(ish) or so we approximate it to have been.

I ended up kind of monopolizing the project because it was so damn hard to figure out and multiple people just made it more confusing. This thing came with a single sheet of paper with a picture of the finished project on one side and "insturctions" on the other. The instructions were crap! "Match the numbered pieces and then check the picture to see if its right." is about the sum of the lengths to which they chose to enlighten us. Now if I had read that before popping the pieces from the templates, I might have laid them out according to the numbered picture. But I wasn't there when they did the popping out and they had apparently not looked at the instructions so this thought did not occur to them. It only occurred to me a good ways into the project.

I didn't finish this thing, even with their help, until somewhere between 1-2am. While I was struggling with the ridiculous thing, they decorated gingerbread houses for friends. Stopped and had a very tasty dinner of rib roast, three bean salad and baked sweet potatoes. Nummy.

Then we ended our time with Karen by getting her little car quite stuck in the snow. After about an hour and a half or two hours of maneuvering, digging and late night calling of friends, we finally got the car on the road. Figuring out how to get over the road block of snow lining the middle of plowed streets to get to our apartments added to the adventure. We got home around 3:30am.

Monday's happy would be that I spent most of my day -not- on a register; though I did spend that time in the cold donations area. After a brief stint of register use and picking up the sales floor, I got to go home at 7pm. This wasn't a much of a boon as it would seem because shortly after my boss told me I was going home, he also announced that the store would be closing at 8pm. Why we were even open that long, I don't know. Road conditions had marginally improved, but over all things were still pretty bad and customer traffic was trickling in. We'd only made $2000 by 3pm and to me that should have been a clear sign that we should have closed down. I'll bet any thing that we lost money yesterday. What we made vs employee pay and utility bills is probably a pretty lopsided equation.

Today's happy is that my younger brother Bryant arrived safely via plane very early this morning (1am). Other potential happy things include, mailing packages FINALLY and getting the last of my shopping done and some gifts delivered today. Though I still need to wrap a fair number of them (read: all that haven't already been delivered).

Sorry about not posting for the last several days, but Saturday I forgot until I was too tired or after I had already turned the laptop off. Sunday is fairly obvious why. Last night is because I went along with my Mom to Muckleshoot Casino so my Mom could pick up a free gift and then she ended up playing slots for a while. I even got my own card thing and played a few dollars worth. Bryant was in by the time we got home and so I hung out with my siblings for a few hours before showering, reading a few archived webcomic strips and going to sleep.

Currently, we're waiting on Chris C. to get back from buying a shovel (since our manager either didn't lend him hers or it wasn't effective). His car is currently stuck in the apartment parking lot apparently. After he gets free, I expect we will head out to the post office, fedex and the mall. I hope so anyway.

(Note to self, get a snow themed icon.)
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