Dec. 26th, 2008

Well things settled themselves after my Mom arrived and began to cook Christmas dinner. In between starting the turkey and making the side dishes, we opened gifts together. Well, my Mom's boyfriend/roommate sort of person (Charles) wasn't there yet, but that was ok. My sister did as she usually does and did most of the photography of people and their gifts after they opened them. Last year we took before/after shots but this time the camera's battery life was low; so we only took after shots.

So my happy for today was finding peace with my sister and having a good time with the family members that could be present. The gifts were all the kind of stuff I like and the food was good. Yay for Mom's cooking! The stuffing is always my favorite part. Num!

Charles arrived just before dinner was ready and got the Speed Racer toy and Starbucks gift card that I gave him (other people might get him stuff later, it was just a tight budget Christmas). It was nice to know that he is making regular good use of the coffee press I gave him last year. :)

I'm glad for the "8 Days of Happy" even if I wasn't able to do it on time. It has helped remind me about posting more in my LJ, even if there is only one person that reads it. So maybe I should try making a point to post a "happy" as often as possible. It'd bring me here to post and I'd be looking for things to be happy about which would improve my days. Sound good? :)



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