Jan. 7th, 2009

I know, I know: I haven't posted in almost two weeks. Part of that was because I was busy. Though the last week or so was because I'd forget until I was too tired or had already turned the computer off. Well at least it's not as bad as when I didn't post for months at a time.

Tuesday January 6th at around 7pm I could have lost my left eye. Got your attention? Good, though my story really isn't all that dramatic. I hope those who have been in the Burien Value Village can visualize this. I had gone to get a broom and dust pan from the back room; returning via the gray swing doors by the fitting rooms. I stopped at the show case to deposit my gum in the trash can. Then I proceeded to turn around, take a step and run into the mobile triangular jewelry stand with a small measure of force. I'm not 100% sure if my eye was closed at the right moment or if I shut it in time with some instinct for preservation, but it's good that it was closed. I got a laceration on my eyelid instead of the eye itself.

The pegs on the stand are, I believe, primarily the 3-inch version instead of the 6 or 12-inch versions we have. So instead of getting anything more serious. If we kept longer ones at the top, I could have had a very scary injury indeed. As it is, it hurt and I had to go to my knees. The impact was enough to make me very dizzy and nauseous, but I was pretty steady walking and that was a good sign. My coworker Sarah (who rocks in general by the way!) took me up to the ER...and then went back to retrieve my purse from my locker while I sat in the waiting area. I'll skip the boring parts of getting processed in the ER.

I have no scratches or apparent damage to my eyeball. Other than the laceration on my eyelid, the shiner I'm likely to get and the swelling/soreness...I'll be fine. I'm trying to keep an ice pack on my eye wrapped in paper towels as an attempt to keep the welling down. At the moment I can only open the eye about a quarter of the way. No stitched or anything for the laceration, just some "dermabond" which is apparently a liquid bandage type deal.

Keeping the ice pack on is awkward (using a tie or having to hold it) and a chilled eyeball is a weird sensation. I haven't had to deal with the "one eye" vision bit since I was a kid. I had a lazy eye and had to wear a patch on my strong eye to force the weak one to work harder. I wonder if that experience is part of why I like pirates so much. :} Though I like ninjas too. Hm.

The bonus to all this is that I've got an excuse to wear my pirate patch from Halloween again. Which also means I must wear my sword earrings and pirate booty bangle. Well...maybe. If I still work donations, I might forgo at least the bangle because it is likely to get caught on stuff. And so concludes my adventure.

So far the New Year has been a little rough for me. New Year's day was madness at work and we didn't leave til 8-8:30pm when we closed at 6pm. I came close to not being able to pay my rent in addition to some trouble with my bank account that still need resolving. That's stable for the moment though. And now this. I felt pretty stupid, running into it after all these years of it being there... The good news is that it's not a serious injury, my rent is paid and my Mom won at the casino and now most of the worry about the storage bill is gone.

I will try to make one of my resolutions to post here as often as possible, or at least once a week. Ganbaru!



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