Apr. 16th, 2009

I am so bad.... I come to LJ all the time lately but I get caught up reading the posts of others instead of writing my own. Like the VERY interesting and fun lady Ursula (Happy Goth...I think). (http://ursulav.livejournal.com/). Or Panda-kun's...though he never notices my comments on them. ;-;

AND of course now that I am here trying to type out something, I can think of a number of other things I should be doing with my last half hour before I go to bed. I've been trying and (so far) failing to get myself onto something that resembles a regular sleep schedule. The idea is to get to bed by 4am and wake up at noon. If I can get this pattern established, the next step might be working on a 2am-10am sleep schedule. Though if I get into classes at PIMA Medical Institute, the effort will be moot. Since I'll have to sleep and wake up to the tune of work/classes...which ever ends up being the first part of my day. If my friend is right, there are only night classes for the course I'm looking at: phlebotomy technician, blood work. So I'll likely have a morning/mid-shift and then classes and then bed.

My sister will be something of a hurdle to this since she's come to expect me to hang out with her before we each go to bed. So she might get angry if I try to sleep earlier than usual. I suppose it depends on when I have to get up if I will have to sacrifice that time together or not. Ah well. No point in worrying about it right now.

Tomorrow I have to call Q since I owe him money and I have most of it. And call PIMA to find out about the class and schedule some time with a counselor for next week. :fist clench anime style: I will succeed! I'm not 100% enamored of the path into the medical field, but I really do need to make more money. To both make regular needs easier to meet and to whittle down my debts. And with any luck, this will be a good path to that. Later, I can always go a new direction. Though part of not being totally dedicated to the new path might be my fear and hesitation over change. I've been at the same job for 9 years now and so the rut I'm in is rather steep and comfortable.

I'm conflicted about change. I like new things, but I also like consistent things. Familiar and dependable things. But I also get the urge to go gypsy and just leave everything behind. To just wander where ever I feel like going. But then I'd miss people and places and things. So I'd have to be able to return and then leave again. But the more time passes, the less likely that scenario is. Unless I have to wait until I'm much much older to be free to pursue it.

And now I've truly turned this into a stream of consciousness post. Ah well. I suppose nearly all of mine are like that... If I have any readers, I'll try and post something again soon!



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