I fell off with posting here partially because I'm absentminded but also because of NaNoWriMo! For anyone who reads this that doesn't already know: I WON!! I verified at 50,144 words (MSWord had me at 50,150 but the site counts weird some times). Granted I wrote in a "stream-of-consciousness" style so a LARGE chunk of that will be tossed out as pure fluff. but I -will- keep working on this story. I really want to carry it to completion, even if I can't get it published. I didn't get any comments or notes, but if any one thought positive thoughts at all: Thank you! I wish there was an alert or some thing that could remind me to post here at least once a week. Well. Bye!
The rules are to post for 8 days something that makes you happy for that day. I only just read about it so this is for Saturday Dec 13th.

I got a little decorating done before getting dressed in medieval garb and going to the Yule Feast. Good food and interesting company. My sister Melissa, Monica Oliver and Chris Crader all went too and had fun too. Plus Chris bid on and won me a nifty drawstring bag. It came with hand made soaps (which made me think of Sheye), but I plan to use it for dice when I play DnD. New incentive to buy more dice to fill it with. :)
(article found in Entertainment Weekly. written by Benjamin Svetkey)

Bond has a black eye. You won't see it on the screen when "Quantum of Solace" opens November 14th--it'll be digitally airbrushed out of the movie-- but it sure is hard to miss when Daniel Craig arrives at Pinewood Studios on a balmy afternoon last June. "We were doing a fight sequence a few days ago," the actor explains, showing off eight fresh stitches under his puffy right eye, "and I didn't duck. I didn't get out of the way of a stunt man's foot. You know how it is on big action movies--stuff happens."

On "Quantum of Solace", stuff seems to happen on a daily basis. In fact, there have been so many mishaps reported since shooting started last winter--a fire at Pinewood, cars taking wrong turns into lakes, fingertips getting chopped off--that the British press began calling it the "cursed" Bond movie. Still, don't believe everything you read in the tabloids. The James Bond who all but limps into this studio lot outside London, wearing a black Tom ford suit and a matching shiner, may appear battered and weary. But James Bond the character--the super spy who's survived five decades of being dangled over piranha tanks, tossed out of air planes, shot at with spear guns, and even being played by Timothy Dalton--hasn't looked this indestructible in years.

There were doubts when Craig was cast as 007 in 2005. Some hardcore fans complained that his eyes were too blue and his hair too yellow. But the 40 year old actor turned out to be the best thing to happen to Bond since Aston Martin introduced the ejector seat. Not only did "Casino Royale" become the highest-grossing movie in the franchise's history--raking in $594 million worldwide-- but Craig gave 007 a gritty gravitas that might have had Sean connery tugging nervously at his shirt collar. Other stars have left their imprint--Roger Moore turned the Bond mot into an art form, Pierce Brosnan made 007 a more modern action hero--but Craig is the first to truly embrace the role as a serious dramatic acting challenge. He's certainly the first to generate so much as a whiff of Oscar buzz over a Bond film. "I had some silly little wishes in the back of my head about how 'Casino Royale' would be perceived," he says. "But we surpassed them all. We hit all the targets."

Now Craig is deep into his second mission--Operation Do It Again. He's shooting a scene in which Bond corners the villainous Mr. Greene (Mathieu Amalric) in his Bolivian desert hide-away. The sleek, gleaming set is a throwback to the Bondian decor of the 1960's as if Greene hired the same decorator who did Blofeld's volcano in "You Only Live Twice". Otherwise, though, "Quantum of Solace" is cutting edge. For one thing, it's the first straight-out sequel, picking up the action just after Bond captures Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) at the end of "Casino Royale". turns out White and Greene are part of a conspiracy of bad guys with colorful last names. Sneakier than SPECTRE, mores sinister than SMERSH, this new evil organization--called 'Quantum'-- is so secret not even Bond producer Barbara Broccoli can say what its initials stand for. "If you think of something, let us know," she half jokes.

The title, believe it or not, could have been worse. There are only four short stories in Ian Flemming's collected works that haven't already been used for movie names. And it's harder to imagine anyone going to a Bond film called "The Hildebrand Rarity", let alone "The Property of a Lady" or "Risico". "We had a list of other titles," explains producer Michael Wilson, Barbara Broccoli's half brother (Cubby Broccoli's two children have been running the franchise since the original Bond producer's death in 1996). "But it seemed more appropriate to choose a title from Fleming's work." Craig had some initial concerns about the head-scratching wordage, but he's come around. "Obviously, it raised some eyebrows," he says. "But it's better than picking a title just because it has 'die' in it. At least "Quantum of solace" evokes the spirit of Ian Fleming's writing."

Thankfully, it doesn't evoke it too much. Fleming's 1960 short story mostly revolves around Bond making small talk at a cocktail party in the Bahamas. honestly, all he does for 24 pages is chat about stewardesses. In the movie, the story line takes far more eventful turns, with a mole hunt at M16 uncovering a nest of double agents, and Bond himself, still grieving over Vespa's fate in "Casino Royale", falling under suspicion. "The world Bond inhabits in this movie is a serious mess," Craig says. "Everything he thought was good turns out to be bad. everything is upside down. Nobody knows who to trust." Once again, the Bond producers hired Oscar-winning writer-director Paul Haggis to work on the screenplay--he did polishes on "Casino Royale"--and Sony then inquired as to his interest in directing the film. Haggis delivered the script just before the deadline of last October's writers' strike, but passed on directing (too time-consuming, he said at the 2007 Los Angeles Film Festival). Instead, the producers handed the keys to the longest-running action franchise in cinematic history to a German-Swiss filmmaker who had never shot anything more action-y than Billy Bob Thornton's relationship with Halle Berry in "Monster's Ball", or Johnny Depp frolicking with children in "Finding Neverland".

"It's not like I was a big fan of Bond movies," admits Marc Forster, his accent making him sound like he just stepped out of one. "But I met with Barbara and Michael, and they had interesting ideas. And then I met with Daniel, and I thought, 'Okay, I can make a good movie with him.'" Putting an art-house auteur in charge of a $200 million action tent pole was obviously a gamble. But, flush from "Royale", the producers were feeling lucky. "We weren't worried about the action stuff--we had a whole team of people who can help with that," says Broccoli. "What we needed was a good storyteller." Craig concurs: "The world is full of gadgets," he says. "What you need is a great story. I mean, it's a smaller world these days. People have been everywhere. People base-jump as a hobby now. Mr. and Mrs. Whoever go to Colorado, jump off a cliff and have tea at the bottom. So it's harder to transport the audience. You can't just show them exotic locations anymore. To make a Bond movie today, you have to do better than that."

And, yet, you still have to make it a Bond movie. Even a director of Forster's reputation had to include at least one Bond girl in distress (in "Quantum", it's Olga Kurlenko, whose chracter seeks payback for the death of her family when she was a child). Or a megalomaniacal Bond villain, even one who doesn't have any Blofeld style affectations. "I would have loved to have a cat or a metal jaw or a scar or anything," says Amalric, the French actor best known for his paralyzed performance in "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly". "I kept saying to Marc, 'Are you sure I can't do anything--shave my head, maybe?'" Most of all, every Bond movie, even the smartly reinvented ones, needs awesome stunts. And "Quantum of Solace" piles them on, opening with a harrowing high-speed car chase, then filling the rest of its 105-minute running time with explosive boat battles, aerial dogfights, and the sort of brutal hand-to-hand combat that would have sent George Lazenby fleeing into M's arms. Like "Casino Royale", the action in this film has an edgier, extra-crunchy vibe. This isn't the sort of Bond who cooly dispatches a bad guy with a karate chop to the neck; he's more likely to wring a villain's throat with his bare hands until he hears the snap of a spine. And, more than any previos Bond, Connery included, Craig makes you feel his character's pain.

The action scene Craig has been shooting here at Pinewood all week, for instance, is a vicious sequence in which Bond and Greene tear at each other with fire axes, metal rods, and bare bloody fists. The violence is so visceral, some crew members can't pull their eyes from it even during a break in filming. While everyone else eats lunch, a group of grips kills time by huddling at a video monitor in a corner of the soundstage, watching two-day-old footage of Craig's face being introduced to a stunt man's foot and trying to locate the precise moment of impact. "Ouch" is all one of them says when they finally find the spot.

To be fair, the first car accident on "Quantum of Solace's" set wasn't the film crew's fault. That incident involved a $265,000 Aston Martin DBS that was being driven to a filming location in Italy last April by a company engineer. Evidently mistaking it for the submarine model, the driver parked the car in Lake Garda. His underwater escape was as cool as Roger Moore's breathing-through-a-tire-valve trick in "A View to a Kill". "The driver woke up when he hit the bottom," Broccoli says. "He tried to climb out the window,but his jacket got caught on the car door. So he had to take his jacket off--underwater-- and swim to the surface."

There was a second, more serious crash in Italy a few days later--a stunt driver ended up in intensive care after a head-on collision during a chase sequence (he's since recovered). The unlucky streak followed the crew back to Pinewood, where a fire in June reportedly torched some outdoor sets (Sony denies that "Quantum" was affected). On the bright side: Craig didn't actually lose a finger when he snagged his hand in a door while shooting in June, as initially rumored. He simply snipped the tip. but, the British press couldn't resist finger-pointing headlines that the movie was "jinxed." Craig bristles at the word. "Look, we're doing potentially dangerous things," he says. "We have huge safety measures, but we pack a huge amount into a very short period. And when you do that, accidents happen. They happened on "Casino Royale". I got a black eye on that movie, too."

After "Quantum", Craig is signed for two more Bond films. That's a lot of black eyes in his future, among other injuries. In fact, just last month, the actor turned up at the photo shoot for this magazine's cover with his arm in a sling (after surgery, to repair a shoulder injury reportedly aggravated by the "Quantum" shoot). Still, the job has its benefits; it helped score costarring gigs alongside Nicole Kidman (in last year's "The Invasion") and Ewan McGregor (in next year's "I, Lucifer") and helped him push low-budget projects into production (like this December's WWII drama "Defiance). "Sure, you could says we've had a run of bad luck," he says, giving his stitches a scratch. "But most of the time it's great. Being Bond has changed my life in ways I never could have expected." So far, at least, the stunt work hasn't ended it.
So I spend a large chunk of time eating dinner and then hanging out with my friend Chris and the new room mate my sister and I acquired, Ben. Then Chris finally leaves and Ben goes to bed. I come to the computer to check messages and then make progress on my NaNo story. Got the messages done and started to write. I also had the Dares (part 2) thread up for breaks to look for things I might be able to use in my story when I've got writer's block or something.

And suddenly I'm struggling to hold my eyes open. My sleeping habits have been especially poor the last week or two and I think it's finally catching up to me. So despite the fact that I'm "behind" on my daily word count quota: I am going to bed and strangely, directly to sleep. No reading or trying to count to get past my usual insomnia. I think I will lay down and be gone.

I filled out my absentee ballot with some explanations from Ben and Chris of the proposed items up for vote. I'm not terribly good with politics or policies or any of it. So I mostly listened to my friend's advice since they are much better at keeping track. Except of course on the biggest item on the ballot. For that I thought about the opinions I've heard expressed and the articles and videos I've watched/read in the last month or so. So for now it's just a matter of "wait and see".

I feel more awake now, but still sluggish. So I will still be heading off to bed, but I had to post something here since I said I would.


Nov. 3rd, 2008 04:29 am
It looks like I'm off to a rocky start both on posting here every day like I said I would and on NaNoWriMo. XD It's only a few days in, I can recover! Ganbaru!


Oct. 29th, 2008 03:37 pm
Well I failed already in the 'promise' I made to post every day. Last night, I was at my computer just fiddling around. I kept thinking that there was something that I was forgetting but I just couldn't think of it. Then I woke up earlier today and it hit me. I'd forgotten to post! No real loss since all I ever do is ramble without much direction...

Work was tiring last night. In that it wasn't much busier than crazy Monday, but we got out of there a -lot- later. It's funny how much difference one or two fewer people can make on a night. It was especially bad that even though it's the week before Halloween and everyone knows it's going to be a rush; they didn't give us any more workers than usual. So it was two or three times as much people traffic with the same amount of people that has to deal with a normally quiet day. :sigh: Needing to cut hours from the schedule really messes us up on the practical level.

Well, time to go and work the donation station tonight. Hope it's fairly quiet. I might get to leave at 9pm like my normal schedule, but I might also stay until 10pm when the store actually closes. At least we go back to closing at 9pm on Friday.

Speaking of Friday.. Just in case I'll say it here as well as other places. I plan to be at Denny's on 1st Ave S at around 11:30pm (11pm if I can) for a kick-off writing session for National Novel Writing Month. If you write, come join me! Even if you are joining, feel free to come and keep me company. :)
I suppose now is a bad time to start getting more determined to write in my Live Journal. Having had that sentiment before, November looms to remind me that writing on a regular basis is a necessary thing. In the month of November, people like me try their hand at reaching a lofty goal. To write a story of 50,000 words within the month. Some people might think "That doesn't sound so hard!" But I and many others fail every year. I've got a lot of hopes this year. The story on my mind is something that's been lingering in the corners for months and months. I know many things about scenes I want and the feelings I want them to evoke. I know who the main character will be and the trials she will endure. And for times of writer's block, I'm gathering a list if "dares" (things people 'dare' you to include in your writing) that might jump start the plot line. Or at least keep my fingers moving until the muse gets back from her coffee break. Join the throngs attempting to put imagination to paper and comment here to let me know if you do!

My life seems to have found a mostly level path to follow even if it's not quite what I wish it to be. My handle on finances is still very poor. Helping my Mom out doesn't help, but she repays me as often as she can. If I didn't so frequently need the money myself, I'd tell her to keep it for future needs of her own. Or take it, only to hold onto it until she needs something new.

I can't deny that she does need the help, no matter what anyone might say. Last night her boyfriend had to take her to the hospital because she was spitting up blood. They thought it might be a bleeding ulcer or something. They did some tests to find out for sure what was wrong. They let her out of the hospital and told her how to take care of herself, so it must not be putting her in immediate danger. She hasn't told me anything specific about it just yet. I can be sure that there was something wrong and she was indeed in the hospital because Charles (the boyfriend) was present. I might not always like the guy but he is typically a brutally honest person. So if he says they were there, then they were.

So for now, her health continues to be a bar against her getting and keeping any sort of employment. Which is something both she and I wish would happen. If she had a job, my money would be my own to pay bills and buy things for myself. And she would have the satisfaction of independence along with knowing that she would no longer be a financial burden to me. That would make a lot of my friends and other family happy as well. Though it seems to be a trait among most of my family members (sister not included) to be poor at handling money in a responsible way. One that allows them to remain in the black and keeping with a healthy lifestyle.

I guess all that rambling shows it still bothers me to deal with my Mother on financial issues; even when I can't escape the fact of need.

My sister and I tend to get along in fits and starts. Things are fine for days. Or maybe only hours as something is said or done and starts a period of bickering. Sometimes this settles with a few comments or some time apart. Sometimes it escalates to yelling matches and steamed tempers. It only escalates to physical actions on occasion and usually because one or the other of us is either filled with emotions too strong for words but needing to be expressed. Usually in the form of throwing or breaking things, but sometimes a direct physical confrontation.

My dog is healthier than he was for a while; evidenced by his return to running around the small garden of the apartments like it's a race track. For a while he was pretty quiet and that was probably caused by the combination attacks of two infections and a flea problem. The infections are gone. the flea problem is much less severe than before, but still present to some degree in the apartment. We're trying to vacuum the apartment at least once a week. And the dog at least gets a bath once or twice a week with medicated or flea shampoo. the cat has a current need for new flea medication, but I'm not sure how that will be getting paid for. The dog is taken care of until mid-November.

One of the reasons, perhaps, for my lack of posting here is because it absorbs my attention. Writing does what few things manage to do and holds my attention steady. Normally sitting at the computer would mean I was chatting, checking a forum, reading a web comic, checking e-mail and maybe doing a search for something or playing a Gaia game. Flitting from one thing to the next like a restless hummingbird. But when I write, I focus and tend to ignore all other things. Which is why I tend to seem "rude" in chats if also writing because I'll be silent for long stretches of time. I respond to conversations when my fingers/mind have still enough to notice the flicker of the IM alert at the bottom of the screen. I wonder if it might sound egotistical to talk about it like this. But usually the only thing that truly holds my focus is reading or watching movie I'm really interested in.

I seem to be writing partly in a simple "stream of consciousness" in regards to topic. Yet seem to be drawn into talking about said topics in an aloof and perhaps analytical manner. Oh well. I write in what ever way is easiest or fits the information I wish to express at the time. I hope that I can keep a consistent style going when it comes to writing for NaNoWriMo.

Thanks to everyone, of the small audience I have, for reading today. I might be doing a new entry every day to get a sort of "running start" on the habit for next month. It's only a week away and getting to the end of "aloof" mode.... I'm excited! Whether I write well or not. Or people like what I render to type or not...NaNo is an event that I look forward to and enjoy a great deal. So look forward to hearing from me more often. I don't know if I will be able to update daily here for any length after getting out 1,600-1,700 words per day of story crafting.

"Aloof" mode seems to be when I'm more coherent. True stream of consciousness from me is very, very jumbled. To say the least. Anyway, Things will only get worse from here so I'll call it quits for this entry and will see you all later.
Hello! I don't know if any one actually reads this...but I'm still sorry that I've been so lazy for so long. I was even hoping to copy/paste about half of this posts intended contents from myspace bulletins I'd already written. But they had already passed into obscurity. Oh well.

The first thing is an incident that happened about three weeks ago (ish?). I think it was a Thursday.

On the the way to work, I walked up to a drive up US Bank atm since it wasn't busy. I put my Tuna Helper plus cookies in a grocery bag on top. I walked away without the food, distracted by putting my card back safely in my wallet. This was about 3pm. 5pm, I go on break and realize what I'd done. (Absent minded professor syndrome go!) So I walk back to the atm. Of course it's gone. There's still a teller inside so I go ask her about it.

She'd gotten worried that no one came back.

And called the cops.

I don't want to put down the danger of terrorism....but... in Burien? Why? Why be -that- paranoid? Needless to say, I found it hilarious. I told people about it all day: "The cops have my lunch!" I even called them, but they never got back to me. I should call again. I liked that tupperware.

The second item happened two weeks ago today.

It's not really as funny as the first. I have personally never had a customer hand me a fake bill as an attempt to pay for merchandise. In almost 8 years. Bad cards, checks, denied debit...sure. But not a fake bill. But I finally did two weeks ago. It was too blue in color and too opaque (most bills let a good bit of light through). It lacked any attempt at a strip or the watermark. Just looked plain funny but I tested it with a detector pen anyway. Yup. Bona fide fake.

Since this was my first time ever dealing with it, I didn't know what I was supposed to do. What Value Village's policy is or what the law states. I think I'd been told to demand a different form of payment, but not what to do with the fake. So in this case, I gave it back to the couple in my line. They insisted on it anyway to complain to the friend who had given them the bad money. My boss said (let it be known I don't think he really knew what to do either): "I think you should have kept it, to turn it in, but maybe it was safer this way." As if the people might have gotten rough with me over it. Which could have happened. Who knows?

A friend told me "You couldn't keep it was because it wasn't yours." But I think he thought I was going to keep it for myself or the store. O.o Anyone actually know what I should have done about it?

The last item is another funny story.

One of my quasi coworkers, Kelly (she works with our charity partner) had a nightmare and I was in it. that fact alone amused and intrigued me. So I made sure to get the details.

Kelly was standing in the back production room near the compactor chute and the bailer (makes giant blocks of clothes for recycle) talking to the guy who operates the bailer. I walk in from the front through a set of swinging doors. Carrying a severed head.

Me: "Hey guys look what I found."

Kelly/Mike: "What the...?!"

I proceed to walk back, put the head in the chute, push it to the bottom and press the compactor button.

Kelly/Mike: "What happened??"

Me: "I don't know, but the guy who did it's still in the store."

The dream ends while she's trying to find the people from the charity that work with us so she can get them out of the store. The extra kicker is that after she told someone about the dream before I was even at the store, she saw a mannequin head sitting with the shoes. And suspected me of putting it there because I had done something similar to the store manager. Best story ever (at the moment). OF course, if I had known about the dream....I would have done something with that mannequin head to mess with her. >:) Muahahahaha

I should make this a more regular habit if just to help me get used to writing more frequently than I currently do. Tell me if you laughed even once while reading this! :)

Really random addition:I just realized "long story long" is nearly an imitation of a lol cat theme...before I really knew what those were. >.< haha (post prior to this one)
I totally forgot to post a bulletin/journal, but my sisters cat Simon had been missing since Saturday the 1st. Long story short: I found him in the same yard he had ran into before. Long story long is below because I feel like recounting it.

I went out earlier (close to midnight) to check the back yard of a nearby house where a nice old lady puts out food for cats (feral and any visitors) in case he was eating there.

I walked by this tangle of trees, bushes and vines that's right along 4th Ave in front of a house. I heard something in there and so I stopped and decided to call his name. I heard more movement and called again, though there was no direct indication it was him.

After some more movement I heard the sound of a bell Melissa had on his collar. I ran around to one entrance of the house's driveway and called again. Another sound from the bell and a minute later, a mrawr kind of sound. I ran toward it and after calling and hearing him, he came out of the bushes and walked to me.

Sorry to post such a long recount of it, but I was just so happy and amazed that it had worked! It had really been him and all it took was some movement in the bushes that I stopped for!
I know, I know...it's been ages since I even logged into livejournal, let alone made an entry. Sorry! Unfortunately it isn't happy tidings that brings me back this time. I've been meaning to make new entries here, but this wasn't how I hoped it would happen.

That's the kind of morning I've been having, although the trouble actually started yesterday morning/last night. Our bathroom has had a leak or something for weeks (maybe a month, close to two?) and at first I thought it was my fault, taking baths and overtaxing the drainage system or something. Or the collective fault of me, my sister and animals...long hair and animal washings in the tub making a clog that stretched the pipe. Those kind of silly thoughts.

I stopped taking baths, but when the problem didn't go away, I let the manager know and a week or two later the handy man came to fix the problem. Put in new dry wall and all that. But the leak was still there and it grew steadily worse; leaking puddles even when we weren't home to use the water.

And then Wednesday night, sometime while we were sleeping, it flooded the bathroom. We only found out this morning that it was the water heater, so we didn't know why it kept leaking with the water turned off. It drenched the carpet in the hallway and kept leaking under the wall into the bathroom and it also soaked the carpet in my closet and halfway across my room. The kitchen dealt with water overflow too and a little area of the carpet beyond that into the dining room.

(from north to south in a line: my room, the closet w/ water heater, the kitchen and the dining room)

So this morning the plumber arrived, and listening to the apartment manager, thought it might be coming from under ground, under the concrete slabs. Until he learned that the apartment had a water heater. So we emptied the closet into the living room and it was indeed a broken water heater. So we worked on replacing that (had to call in a delivery from Ballard when the one on hand was too big) while the manager called in the carpet guys to suck up all the water and set fans under the carpet.

That was when I started moving stuff in my room and realized how far the damage went. My bed is now piled with junk, the living room further filled with the rest and some of my furniture up on little blocks for air to pass underneath to the soaked carpet pads.

To say the least, this has not been the best two days. Yesterday held other, minor issues that still managed to be a little magnified when piled on top the home crisis. Or today's graceful moment when I burned my fingers a little on a bare light bulb.

Granted, this could have been much, much worse. For that, I'm grateful. It's a pain but the problem was a straightforward one (sort of) that could be addressed in a direct way. The water heater has been replaced. The carpet is on it's way to being dry and on Monday or Tuesday our carpets will be fully cleaned for the second time in less than a few months time.

Not really "fun" but an adventure of sorts. And the bonus is that this will give me the chance to truly rearrange my room and sort out a lot of junk that I've been meaning to get to for a long time. And then I'll hopefully have a real room and not something 60% storage space.

And hey, I actually intend to repost this as a livejournal entry since I've badly neglected that for months now.
I've wanted to do this for a while. Partly to show what I have with fellow Collectors (Hi Daryn) and also because I wanted an electronic inventory.


A Midnight Opera vol 1
Angelic Layer vol 1-5
Angel/Dust *
Alice19th vol 1-7 *
A.I. Love You vol 1-8
Ai Yori Aoshi vol 1
Bleach vol 1
Buso Renkin vol 1
Cafe Kichijouji de vol 1-2
Cardcaptor Sakura vol 1-3
Clamp School Defenders: Duklyon vol 1
Cowboy Bebop vol 1
Demon Ororon, The vol 1-3
DNAngel vol 1-3
Elemental Gelade vol 1
Errant Story vol 1-2
Fruits Basket vol 1-15
Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden vol 1-4
Fushigi Yugi vol 5-6
Girl Got Game vol 1-10 *(?)
Gravitation vol 1-6, 11-12
Gravitation EX vol 1
Gunslinger Girls vol 1-2
Hana Kimi vol 1-9, 11-16
Jing: King of Bandits vol 1-2
Kamikaze Girls *
Kare First Love vol 1-6
Kingdom Hearts vol 1-4
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories vol 1
Man of Many Faces vol 1
Megatokyo vol 1-4
Nana vol 1-2
Naruto vol 4-6
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days vol 1-3
Orphen vol 1
Ouran High School Host Club vol 1
Paradise Kiss 1-5 *
Peacemaker vol 2-3
Real Bout High School vol 1-6 *(?)
Rurouni Kenshin vol 1-17, 19-28
Saikano vol 1
Saiyuki col 1-3, 6-9
Saiyuki: Reload vol 1-2
Samurai Deeper Kyo vol 1-6, 8
Shaolin Sisters 1-5 *
Shugo Chara! vol 1
Suki vol 1-3
Tokyo Mew Mew vol 1-5 *
Trigun vol 1-2 *
Video Girl Ai vol 1-3
xXxHolic vol 1-2

total: 204
(subject to change with return/replacment of missing volumes/future purchases)

* = Complete series or single book series
*(?) = Indicates uncertainty about the status of the series

Japanese manga anthology publications:


Plus many, many books, magazines and manga that are completely Japanese.
Sorry! I'm not sure how many people actually wonder why I don't post any real entries in here...but to those who do or might: I'm sorry. I'm just terribly lazy and procrastinate about things sometimes. Sometimes about everything and others, just about particular things, like LJ.

Even when I have 'interesting' things to talk about, I put off posting about it. Which is bad because then the topic isn't as fresh in my mind. Bah.

Like the night we had that really bad windstorm in the Puget Sound area. I was at work at the time and I found the event to be an interesting and novel experience; though I admit I was a bit nervous, but that can be partially blamed on my coworkers who rubbed off on me a bit. It wasn't my first windstorm or really bad weather event or anything, what made it interesting was where I was.

I'd been in that store for a black out or two and strong rain and such things, but I'd never stood inside the store and looked out the giant front windows to see such wind and rain, not to mention the leaks it caused inside (a large source of nervousness for said coworkers).

The leaks were concentrated at the front of the store, which has a lower roof than the rest of the building and also the front is slightly lower than the back because of the landscape's slant (very subtle slant). Later we learned that there had been things blocking many drainage points for the roof, but at the time all we knew was that the rain was coming inside to visit us. One set of registers, the ones nearest the door, had leaks so prolific that we had to block of the entire area. We put a lot of large trash cans and bins underneath that area and still had to line the floor in and around it with towels to keep the wet floors to a minimum. All that made it difficult for both the customers and the employees to move towards or away from the doors.

The best part was watching certain ceiling things as the bulged with water weight. We had to watch carefully so we could position something beneath it, to catch the debris and water that would fall. The first one that I witnessed, the ceiling piece (rectangular shaped) slipped out on one long side and the water dropped directly into the large bin below it, but the ceiling thing had other ideas. It flipped out and to the side to somersault in the air and land on the floor with a big "flop". I thought that was pretty funny. I didn't get to see the next one that fell, though I heard it.

Through all of this, because our store manager was still with us (he should have been long gone), we couldn't just call up our District Manager and shut the store down. And despite the weather, there were still customers in the store. So we're all just doing little things to keep busy while we watched the ceiling and the weather outside. I think two or three pieces from the ceiling fell while we were there, the rest stayed just drips and small rivulets (think I'm using that right).

I was mostly calm, but my coworkers were nervous; especially Dayna. She kept saying things like "I'll be electrocuted." because she was the one working the only register we hadn't covered in plastic bags. Or she'd say "The whole roof is going to come down on us/me." I don't honestly know if she actually believe those things or if she said them to vent her nervousness or something.

Finally, the store manager was shown the amount of water pouring off the overhang outside that was out Donation Station (which was a mini waterfall, shrunk from the stronger one it had been earlier, but still pretty bad). And he -finally- conceded that it was pretty bad and we should close. This was at 8pm, when we were only an hour from closing anyway. I don't know if I would have done better, but it was bad that our manager of all people should be so uncertain about whether or not we should close when the weather outside looks like it's about to blow everything away if it didn't wash it away with rain first. My AOS had wanted to close since around 5 or 6 pm.

And even after that, we got all the customers out, but still spent the next hour in the store, moving almost everything from the Housewares section. It's also at the front of the store, on the opposite side of the entrance/exit doors and therefore under the lower roof portion which the rain and wind had laid siege upon. So the management wanted us to move the items in that section so it wouldn't all break if ceiling pieces in that area fell. We put it all in carts (tried to label em....sort of) and lined them down the main aisle of the store for the most part.

After that, we had to take clothes that weren't good to sell and line them along the front of the store, as if they were bags of sand, to protect the bulk of the store from flood in case many more places broke down and released gallons of water over the registers.

I convinced the store manager to get me the store camera and I took a short video of some of the drips and empty places, with a few cameos by my coworkers as they left. I stayed because there needs to be three people present in the store if there is going to be anyone at all. So after the video feed ran out, I hopped around taking pictures of the gaping holes, the drips, the clothes, the registers that were now on these giant carts, the lined up carts of stuff...Anything I felt like until the storage space ran out. This reminds me that I need to ask if they still have any of those and if I can get them. ^_^

After the management did whatever it was they needed to do, we left. I was disappointed because one place in the ceiling was bulged down with what looked like a huge load of water, but my AOS didn't want to wait (he gives me rides home) around for it too fall just because I wanted to watch. : sighs : Oh well. We were closed for two days after that...maybe three. Until the power came back and enough of the leaks had stopped that we could manage buisness.

What's bad is that there are a few places that -still- leak even when it isn't raining. They don't leak much, but it's still saying something that it keeps re-occuring after all this time.

Ok, I think this is more than long enough, so for those of you who read the normal seeming beginning to this and continued on to this point...thank you and I'm sorry I made it so long.

I'll try and get a new post, a hopefully shorter one, sometime soon.
Ok so the title doesn't mean anything but it was a moment of silly (hush, it is not my natural state of mind! >.>....<.<) Ok so maybe it is. ::laughs::

Maybe it's listening to this catchy/cool/cute anime music (Thanks to dear Stefi-chan for the Anime Radio site... http://www.animenfo.com/radio/listen.php ) but my mood is definitely better than it was when I got home. The only sour thing at the moment is my tummy since I'm hungry and haven't been motivated enough to get my lazy butt up and dig up something edible. Soon! Probably after I write this post and walk my dog in the little garden my apartment complex has out back (I do mean little but it's nice enough in a almost Japanese-ish kind of way...I'll post pics eventually).Change of plans! ^^; The dog walking has been completed for now and food is now in processing on the stove. Woot for box noodle side dish things.

When I went outside I smelled woodsmoke and it had the right scent to remind me (fondly) of living in Kentucky. Which reminds me I need to get my Uncle Doug's book of poetry back from my Mom so I can finish it and -finally- e-mail him back with my opinions/thoughts. >< This is his site (I think) http://www.publishedauthors.net/dougdavis/ Check it out at your own free will.

But thinking about putting in being reminded of Kentucky (way too much rambling potential to talk about that now), made me think I haven't really put much of myself in this journal. For the most part it's been whatever random thing I found interesting. Noting other journals...I realized I wanted my journal to be about -me- and my thoughts/daily experiences and not just the things that I'm looking at. I started this journal in order for friends I hardly or never see (Hi Daryn, Jen!) to keep up with my happenings. I haven't been good about that since a)I hardly ever post and b)it usually some link or reposted bit I get from an e-mail... I don't plan to stop posting about things that I find and want to share, but I hope I can make posting a regular habit and put real life stuffs in it.

I've been entirely derailed in both my line of thought and "writing drive" from chatting and stuffs. So! That's it for now and perhaps I shall be seen here again soon.

P.S. This is random but potentially amusing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs-sluELbC0
(Sent in an e-mail from Howard Dean/the Democratic Party)


Here's the question that the right-wing extremists who control the Republican Congress will put before the Senate:

"Over seven million Americans can have a raise of $2.15 an hour by raising the minimum wage, but only if we give a tax cut to 7,500 ultra-rich people at a cost of $753 billion dollars."
It's despicable, it's wrong, and we need to stop it.Senate Republican Leader Bill Frist has said that this will be the only vote he will allow on a minimum wage increase this year.
Enough is enough. Contact your Senators and tell them to reject this shameful bill by signing the petition.

Democrats have been fighting for a minimum wage increase, but Republicans won't allow a straight up-or-down vote on it. Now Frist and his right-wing allies say they will allow a vote on the minimum wage -- but only in the form of a bill that includes a huge giveaway to ultra-wealthy Republican donors. We want folks to do well, but America shouldn't have to sacrifice billions of dollars to give only a small group of millionaires a tax break while millions of hard working Americans - some with two or more jobs - are barely able to make ends meet.

What's more, the Republicans' so-called minimum wage increase contains provisions that would actually strip wages from over a million people in seven states where they earn that state's minimum wage in addition to their tips. This isn't responsible government -- and we're not going to take it. Let your Senators know that they should reject it.

This is the kind of sad, twisted game that the Republican-controlled Congress has played for years. We have troops at war without proper armor, a faltering reconstruction on the Gulf Coast, and a president openly defying the laws they pass -- and the Republican Congress gives us things like this. Republicans have managed to find time to vote multiple times on raising their own salaries, though -- to the tune of over $35,000 during the 10 years since the last time they raised the minimum wage. Democrats, on the other hand, are opposed to Congressional pay increases until there's an increase in the minimum wage.

The Republican leadership's priorities are backwards and out of the mainstream. Even one moderate Republican Senator called the tactics around the minimum wage bill "unbecoming of the Senate". It's up to the rest of us to stop this right now. Sign this petition opposing this sham bill. I'm tired of a do-nothing Republican Congress that plays games with people's lives.

There's work to be done, and it's clear that the Republicans won't do it. But we're going to take these issues to the people and in less than 100 days Americans will have an opportunity to change course.

Thank you for being a part of making it happen.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

P.S. -- Here are some simple facts that can't be ignored:

* Someone working full-time for the $5.15 federal minimum wage makes just $10,700 a year. A single mom with two kids who works full-time for the minimum wage is about $6,000 below the poverty line.
* The federal minimum wage has been stuck at the same rate since 1997. Since then, Republican leaders have raised the salaries of Senators seven times. Salaries of lawmakers have gone up by $35,000 -- almost three times the entire yearly income of someone on minimum wage.
* The real value of the minimum wage is more than $3.00 below what it was a generation ago, and right now has its lowest buying power in over 50 years.
* The minimum wage is the lowest it has been in over 50 years relative to the average wage.
* Raising the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour adds up to more than one year of groceries, over 9 months of rent, a year and a half of heat and electricity, or full tuition for a community college degree.

Please do what you can to help call attention to this vitally important issue.

The world's richest and most powerful country must do better.

Well to start, glancing at my last post, I went ahead and bought almost all the Fruits Basket vols that I was missing two weeks ago when I went to the Uwajimiya's in Seattle...and gave into the urge to go into the book store. >< I bought vols 1-4, 8, 9 and 10 (I think). I still need the lsat two vols though and I have to keep from the temptation to run down to the mall for them. ::laughs:: I guess it's a good thing in a small way that Wonderworld (ex local comic/book/anime store) closed. It was close enough that I would have given in to it by now. It'll be nice to see the anime sometime too. Maybe through Netflix.

Also my friends Cory-chan and Stefi-chan (::waves in case they read this::) are talking about visiting me! ^___^ Granted it will be hard to find the time, but it'd be so cool.

And talk about visiting... I'll be going on a road trip Aug 11-14 with my sister and friend Karen to Payett (sp?) Idaho for a visit to Karen's parents. Might be doing some swapmeet/fleamarket hunting on the way since Karen's hobby is buying and selling antiques and oddities. Should be interesting and hopefully fun.

As a random side note: Has anyone who reads this heard of Billy Gilman, a child singer?

So far, I haven't gotten my dummy self to finish the few things needed to see if I'll get financial aid for community college. But just in case I do have some money saved up to try and pay for a class on my own. That one class is going to be Japanese since I feel more and more frustrated that it's taken me this long to get into the class. Besides the fact that I really want to learn and I want to do it right. There are a few semi-regular Japanese customers at my Value Village that I could practice with and some that come in ever few months or so. I'm always nervous speaking what little I know since I don't want anyone to think I know more than I do and start talking fast... But it'd be fun to see the look of suprise on their faces when I greet and deal with them in their native tongue.

I ramble on too much...

Anyway, I can't think of much else to say with all the distractions I've got. I'll try and be better about posting (for those who bother reading ^_~).
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