Dewey's Book Reading Challenge (medium)

Dewey's Book Reading Challenge is about honoring Dewey, the prolific and much loved book blogger after her passing in late November 2008. The idea is simple: pick one book from each of the years she reviewed books, read it and then post a review of it here. To make this an easier process, I went through and made a list of all the books I could find reviews of in her blog The Hidden Side of a Leaf. Below is the cut to the list with the titles linked to their respective blog posts.

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I was as thorough as I could be, but please inform me if I missed a book, linked one incorrectly, have a book listed in the wrong year/month, typos or any

other small mistake. Thanks!

Read on, ye who take this challenge!
I've got too much on my mind...Hence why I am not sleeping right this moment. Like I should be. Mostly things that are looming large rather than having many items. Like I've been talking to people lately about going to school. Specifically a local school that specializes in training medical personnel. I was looking at being a Phlebotomy Technician. But to be honest, I'm not enamored of the idea. The motivation was to get into something where I could make more money. I want to pay off my debts and just generally get into a more solid financial place. The added bonus to the medical field is that I would know that I was benefiting people in general, not just myself. But I'm nervous and scared and not confident in my ability to do it besides knowing that I don't want to spend my life/make a total career out of it. Since I've told people about it, it bothers me that I'll look like a fool/coward or something for backing out of the path I told them I was embarking on. I know it's more important to do what's best for me, but.... What if I don't know what's best? What I want to do? The only real job I've had is Value Village. I don't know what else I might enjoy or want to do. At least not with the economy so uncertain. I know I love books and would be happy working with that, but it's not a good choice right now. Someday, being an editor or something would be suited to me, but it's not a well paid position as far as I've heard. So it's the "when I'm financially comfortable to do what I love" kind of "some day".

So, should I just take more classes at community college and hope something sparks? That I find something I'm honestly good at? There have been numerous times I've read something and thought "Wow!" because the people or the job/field/profession that I was reading bout were so impressive. It made me want to be like them. But I can't think of anything in particular right now. And there have always been so many that it seems/is impossible to aim for multiple... And so I know I can't have found my "calling" or at least something I can really get into if I so easily feel the draw of various other things out there. Indecision is one of my biggest flaws. Coupled with insecurity that makes a fist in my gut and chills my heart (yes I realize that sounds dramatic...blame the muse who must be getting revenge...that I'm not resting or writing on Ice/Flame...)

Getting a lecture/rant about doing what I WANT to do and being told I sounded like I was going around in circles about the phlebotomy choice...kind of threw me off. I had at least gone far enough to meet with the admissions at Pima Medical Institute, but the lecture combined with the fact that I wasn't totally sure in the first place..... Well now I'm back to where I was. Fretting about whether I should do it or not. Plus my Mom's teacher at her school had me meet with her to try and tell me Everest College has the better accreditation that would allow someone to be certified in their chosen field. Both schools tell me phlebotomy might be too narrow a field, but I don't know that I have the stomach for anything more intensive (seeing wounds etc) or the memory to handle as much information as those fields seem to require.

So I decided to vent all the uncertainties I could think of onto this (web)page. I really don't know what I should do. I know that I have people who care about me and they believe in me. And I appreciate that. Really, I do. But it only does so much good if I don't believe in myself. Or if I don't believe in the choice I'm making. Or if I just plain don't know what to do.

Combine that with worrying about my Mom and wanting her to complete the schooling she's in now because she is doig so damn good...Wanting her to get good work and be confident and strong and financially able to leave the jerk she lives with that makes her days roller coasters that can change course on a hair spin turn or drop...

My little brother is over in Iraq...

My coworker's husband is struggling to put his life back together and I plan on helping despite the reluctance of my room mates. But doing things that run directly against the will of other people I care about is hard on me. Even if I believe I'm doing the right thing or at least, a good thing.

Trying to wrangle (figuratively) with the manager to get things fixed in our apartment...

Worrying about my dog's itching problem.

Worrying about my own health and precarious job situation.

Worry about the state of my soul and the choices I make.

Worrying about my debt and plans that I've made...

Concerned for various real time and online friends and their situations...

I'm a worry wart and my tendencies to procrastinate and absent minded nature are no help to me at all. At this rate I would be more surprised to find out I don't have acid reflux or an ulcer than if I won the lottery.

All right. So I feel a tad better. Damn it. Never mind. Going over the list of negative things to be sure I didn't forget anything only makes me think of them again and start the process all over again.

Please forgive this rambling rant and the ego to whine about such petty issues when there are people I know and people I don't who have bigger problems and worries on their mind and still manage to keep moving forward with their lives. I've stopped or slowed or stagnated to some extent/in some areas. I feel pressure in a sense from the things I've claimed to plan to do and the pressure to do SOMETHING when every direction looks the same or I just don't know which way to move so how can I progress? And then there is my over thinking in worrying "Well if I take this path, what if it's the wrong one? Will that be a waste of my time? Do I want to risk it being or feeling like a waste?"

I KNOW it's not changing anything to worry about it. To let that worry overwhelm me to the point where I make no choice at all rather than take a risk... I know that's worse than wasting time in the wrong it's own way.

I could write like this for hours. And I don't have that time to wast and I'm sure by the end anyone who bothered to read it would be thoroughly sick of me and my whining. But this is what it's like in my head. Turned round in circles by my own issues and then spun in other directions by the opinions/advice of others or of newly acquired information.

So I will cut this off before it gets any worse. Ta-ta!
I am so bad.... I come to LJ all the time lately but I get caught up reading the posts of others instead of writing my own. Like the VERY interesting and fun lady Ursula (Happy Goth...I think). ( Or Panda-kun's...though he never notices my comments on them. ;-;

AND of course now that I am here trying to type out something, I can think of a number of other things I should be doing with my last half hour before I go to bed. I've been trying and (so far) failing to get myself onto something that resembles a regular sleep schedule. The idea is to get to bed by 4am and wake up at noon. If I can get this pattern established, the next step might be working on a 2am-10am sleep schedule. Though if I get into classes at PIMA Medical Institute, the effort will be moot. Since I'll have to sleep and wake up to the tune of work/classes...which ever ends up being the first part of my day. If my friend is right, there are only night classes for the course I'm looking at: phlebotomy technician, blood work. So I'll likely have a morning/mid-shift and then classes and then bed.

My sister will be something of a hurdle to this since she's come to expect me to hang out with her before we each go to bed. So she might get angry if I try to sleep earlier than usual. I suppose it depends on when I have to get up if I will have to sacrifice that time together or not. Ah well. No point in worrying about it right now.

Tomorrow I have to call Q since I owe him money and I have most of it. And call PIMA to find out about the class and schedule some time with a counselor for next week. :fist clench anime style: I will succeed! I'm not 100% enamored of the path into the medical field, but I really do need to make more money. To both make regular needs easier to meet and to whittle down my debts. And with any luck, this will be a good path to that. Later, I can always go a new direction. Though part of not being totally dedicated to the new path might be my fear and hesitation over change. I've been at the same job for 9 years now and so the rut I'm in is rather steep and comfortable.

I'm conflicted about change. I like new things, but I also like consistent things. Familiar and dependable things. But I also get the urge to go gypsy and just leave everything behind. To just wander where ever I feel like going. But then I'd miss people and places and things. So I'd have to be able to return and then leave again. But the more time passes, the less likely that scenario is. Unless I have to wait until I'm much much older to be free to pursue it.

And now I've truly turned this into a stream of consciousness post. Ah well. I suppose nearly all of mine are like that... If I have any readers, I'll try and post something again soon!
when do I ever sleep when I should?

Anyway, just a quick note for anyone who reads this/cares: I got a letter from my bank. They approved my fraud claim! so they paid back all the money that was messed with and reversed all the related fees. BUT I still need to pay back all the money I did 'advance' to my account then and there are still negative balance fees. D: And since I won't be able to pay that all back at once....more fees! I wonder if I should ask them to put a freeze on the negative balance fees and put me on a payment schedule for the money owed? If not it is LAME. I might need to ask my friend Q if he will lend me the $$ to cover it and I can pay -him- back over time.

This will all be much easier to handle -after- I make myself go to PIMA Medical Institute and learn to be a phlebotomy technician (blood drawing/tests etc). Then I will make more money! Yay! It will be hard to leave Value village, but it will only get harder the longer I stay there, so...just need to take the plunge.

Note to self: I am not capable of a "quick" note. Later. :)
is likely what this post represents. My attempts to make regular posts here never seem to have much drive. I'd like to blame my dominant absent-minded tendencies and they are indeed a factor that keeps me from this site. But I also have to admit that I tend to be lazy and procrastinate. Being easily distracted and absorbed in random activities doesn't help. I sometimes get on with the intention of posting, but some one will start talking to me or I'll decide to check my e-mail first and from there go in every direction but LiveJournal's url. It would help if I thought people were reading this, but since no one ever leaves comments I feel like I'm just talking to the ether. (No offense Chris, I do appreciate at least a single person's readership.)

Man, I should just copy paste parts of my e-mails with D-chan. I just sent her a near novella length e-mail and it seems to have stolen my drive to share what's going on with me. My brain is acting like "what am I supposed to talk about?" dur. lol Perhaps later or tomorrow, my brain will be more cooperative. :)

3 things

Mar. 12th, 2009 03:54 am
1. Panda
2. Disco Duck
3. Arkane

1. General help with family friend's store
2. Amateur House painter (the insides anyway...) lol
3. Current work as retail salesclerk.

1. El Cajon, CA
2. Thousandsticks, KY
3. Port Charlotte, FL

1. Scrubs (though it was on DVD...)
2. House (when possible)
3. Doctor Who (when possible)
(I only really watch TV at Tj's or Mike's house anymore and that isn't very often at all.

1. Idaho
2. Mexico
3. Portland (soon anyway...possible road trip)

1. Japan
2. Ireland
3. France

1. Snickerdoodle cookies
2. Sushi
3. Udon/asian noodles

1. Getting a new job
2. Warmer weather
3. Going to Dragon Con (super hopeful)

1. Bandit, dog
2. Buttons, cat
3. Snuggles, dog

1. Duran Duran
2. Asian Kung Fu Generation
3. Simple Plan

1. Seahawks
2. Cardinals (go Fitzgerald!)
3. Mariners
(I'm not a huge sports fan, but I watch it sometimes)

1. Pomegranate Lemonade
2. Watermelon liquor/pineapple liquor/POG mix
3. Koji Osakaiya's house sake warmed


Mar. 5th, 2009 05:18 am
See, I came to LJ intending to write...since I fell away from posting...And instead I got absorbed reading all the entries on my Friends page. Wish me better luck later. >
(ARGH! I totally forgot to put this up here two-three weeks ago when I planned the party. So super sorry for the uber late notice!)

Who's party might you ask? Mine. I'm throwing my own party...again. Whee!

When: Sunday February 15th

Time: 5pm to ??? Probably Midnight or later.

Where: Monster Gaming, my friend Sam's game store.

Map/Directions (can be found at MapQuest. or I'll edit this post with the proper link later)

What to bring: Food and drinks as you can manage it would be nice. Let
me know which you plan to bring so I can keep a balance and not end up
with all drinks and no food. lol =D Or just send me a message if there
is information I left out that you want to know.

Hope to see you there if you are local enough to make it!

One Word!

Jan. 30th, 2009 03:02 am
Describe ME in one word.... Just one single word.

Then post this to your LJ see how many strange and interesting things they say about you. See what people say about you when limited to One word!

(And yes this is my lame cop out of a post since I haven't posted in a while.)
a.k.a Alora Mackenzie Jordan. My long time friend Lindsay Davis-Jordan had her first baby with husband Joe Jordan on January 9th via C-section. It was the safest way for mom and baby with some health complications for Lindsay. A healthy 8 lbs 13 ounces.

Here are some pictures on Joe's viewable myspace album:

I started calling Lindsay Squishy after watching Finding Nemo with her one day. So I decided to nickname her child, no matter the gender, "mini squish". That it's a girl just makes it work better.

I get to go see her later/today....Saturday! Whee! Little pseudo-niece!


Jan. 14th, 2009 03:41 am
My eye is doing a lot better. I'm looking into getting an appointment with my eye doctor for a check up to be sure my eye is ok. The bruising is gone and most of the pain; except a little if I try to look up. But that's probably because the cut is still there. Cuts and things like that tend to heal slowly with me anyway, so it's not too surprising. I'll be wearing the pirate mask until the dermabond sloughs off. That should be at least the rest of this week and maybe longer.

I've started playing my first ever mmorpg! Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine. It's a bit raw and rough since it's only recently come to open beta, but I like it. I'm still getting used to the controls and commands, but that's ok.
1.Green apples
3.Guitar Hero (and Rock Band...just had to say it)
5.Gold (see #4)
6.Gina (one of my lady)
8.Grease (the movie)
9.Genbu Kaiden (part of Fuushigi Yugi)

Man, that really was harder than I thought! Playing the Alphabet game is rough business. I had to stretch a little to think of things I at least like that started with G. The order things are listed is not the order of my preference for them; just the order I thought them up in.

Now comment on this post and I will send you a letter and you can make your own list! =D
I know, I know: I haven't posted in almost two weeks. Part of that was because I was busy. Though the last week or so was because I'd forget until I was too tired or had already turned the computer off. Well at least it's not as bad as when I didn't post for months at a time.

Tuesday January 6th at around 7pm I could have lost my left eye. Got your attention? Good, though my story really isn't all that dramatic. I hope those who have been in the Burien Value Village can visualize this. I had gone to get a broom and dust pan from the back room; returning via the gray swing doors by the fitting rooms. I stopped at the show case to deposit my gum in the trash can. Then I proceeded to turn around, take a step and run into the mobile triangular jewelry stand with a small measure of force. I'm not 100% sure if my eye was closed at the right moment or if I shut it in time with some instinct for preservation, but it's good that it was closed. I got a laceration on my eyelid instead of the eye itself.

The pegs on the stand are, I believe, primarily the 3-inch version instead of the 6 or 12-inch versions we have. So instead of getting anything more serious. If we kept longer ones at the top, I could have had a very scary injury indeed. As it is, it hurt and I had to go to my knees. The impact was enough to make me very dizzy and nauseous, but I was pretty steady walking and that was a good sign. My coworker Sarah (who rocks in general by the way!) took me up to the ER...and then went back to retrieve my purse from my locker while I sat in the waiting area. I'll skip the boring parts of getting processed in the ER.

I have no scratches or apparent damage to my eyeball. Other than the laceration on my eyelid, the shiner I'm likely to get and the swelling/soreness...I'll be fine. I'm trying to keep an ice pack on my eye wrapped in paper towels as an attempt to keep the welling down. At the moment I can only open the eye about a quarter of the way. No stitched or anything for the laceration, just some "dermabond" which is apparently a liquid bandage type deal.

Keeping the ice pack on is awkward (using a tie or having to hold it) and a chilled eyeball is a weird sensation. I haven't had to deal with the "one eye" vision bit since I was a kid. I had a lazy eye and had to wear a patch on my strong eye to force the weak one to work harder. I wonder if that experience is part of why I like pirates so much. :} Though I like ninjas too. Hm.

The bonus to all this is that I've got an excuse to wear my pirate patch from Halloween again. Which also means I must wear my sword earrings and pirate booty bangle. Well...maybe. If I still work donations, I might forgo at least the bangle because it is likely to get caught on stuff. And so concludes my adventure.

So far the New Year has been a little rough for me. New Year's day was madness at work and we didn't leave til 8-8:30pm when we closed at 6pm. I came close to not being able to pay my rent in addition to some trouble with my bank account that still need resolving. That's stable for the moment though. And now this. I felt pretty stupid, running into it after all these years of it being there... The good news is that it's not a serious injury, my rent is paid and my Mom won at the casino and now most of the worry about the storage bill is gone.

I will try to make one of my resolutions to post here as often as possible, or at least once a week. Ganbaru!
Well things settled themselves after my Mom arrived and began to cook Christmas dinner. In between starting the turkey and making the side dishes, we opened gifts together. Well, my Mom's boyfriend/roommate sort of person (Charles) wasn't there yet, but that was ok. My sister did as she usually does and did most of the photography of people and their gifts after they opened them. Last year we took before/after shots but this time the camera's battery life was low; so we only took after shots.

So my happy for today was finding peace with my sister and having a good time with the family members that could be present. The gifts were all the kind of stuff I like and the food was good. Yay for Mom's cooking! The stuffing is always my favorite part. Num!

Charles arrived just before dinner was ready and got the Speed Racer toy and Starbucks gift card that I gave him (other people might get him stuff later, it was just a tight budget Christmas). It was nice to know that he is making regular good use of the coffee press I gave him last year. :)

I'm glad for the "8 Days of Happy" even if I wasn't able to do it on time. It has helped remind me about posting more in my LJ, even if there is only one person that reads it. So maybe I should try making a point to post a "happy" as often as possible. It'd bring me here to post and I'd be looking for things to be happy about which would improve my days. Sound good? :)
So yesterday's happy was having a blast at my friend Monica's party. Today's happy so far is not having killed my stupid sister yet.
So Saturday was just a blah day. I woke up late and didn't get to go anywhere or do anything that I had hoped to get done. I suppose my "happy" for the day would be getting "no deaths" on a few Little Big Planet levels since that was my main activity for the day.

Sunday was a pretty good day in the "looking at the big picture" sort of way. They canceled church, which was a mixed blessing. I got my friend Tom to drive me to the mall and got a fair chunk of shopping done. But then I went back to Karen's place where my sister was still hanging out. Then we started work on my sister's gift for Mike/Q which was a wooden puzzle sort of thing that would end up looking like a motorcycle. That was around 6pm(ish) or so we approximate it to have been.

I ended up kind of monopolizing the project because it was so damn hard to figure out and multiple people just made it more confusing. This thing came with a single sheet of paper with a picture of the finished project on one side and "insturctions" on the other. The instructions were crap! "Match the numbered pieces and then check the picture to see if its right." is about the sum of the lengths to which they chose to enlighten us. Now if I had read that before popping the pieces from the templates, I might have laid them out according to the numbered picture. But I wasn't there when they did the popping out and they had apparently not looked at the instructions so this thought did not occur to them. It only occurred to me a good ways into the project.

I didn't finish this thing, even with their help, until somewhere between 1-2am. While I was struggling with the ridiculous thing, they decorated gingerbread houses for friends. Stopped and had a very tasty dinner of rib roast, three bean salad and baked sweet potatoes. Nummy.

Then we ended our time with Karen by getting her little car quite stuck in the snow. After about an hour and a half or two hours of maneuvering, digging and late night calling of friends, we finally got the car on the road. Figuring out how to get over the road block of snow lining the middle of plowed streets to get to our apartments added to the adventure. We got home around 3:30am.

Monday's happy would be that I spent most of my day -not- on a register; though I did spend that time in the cold donations area. After a brief stint of register use and picking up the sales floor, I got to go home at 7pm. This wasn't a much of a boon as it would seem because shortly after my boss told me I was going home, he also announced that the store would be closing at 8pm. Why we were even open that long, I don't know. Road conditions had marginally improved, but over all things were still pretty bad and customer traffic was trickling in. We'd only made $2000 by 3pm and to me that should have been a clear sign that we should have closed down. I'll bet any thing that we lost money yesterday. What we made vs employee pay and utility bills is probably a pretty lopsided equation.

Today's happy is that my younger brother Bryant arrived safely via plane very early this morning (1am). Other potential happy things include, mailing packages FINALLY and getting the last of my shopping done and some gifts delivered today. Though I still need to wrap a fair number of them (read: all that haven't already been delivered).

Sorry about not posting for the last several days, but Saturday I forgot until I was too tired or after I had already turned the laptop off. Sunday is fairly obvious why. Last night is because I went along with my Mom to Muckleshoot Casino so my Mom could pick up a free gift and then she ended up playing slots for a while. I even got my own card thing and played a few dollars worth. Bryant was in by the time we got home and so I hung out with my siblings for a few hours before showering, reading a few archived webcomic strips and going to sleep.

Currently, we're waiting on Chris C. to get back from buying a shovel (since our manager either didn't lend him hers or it wasn't effective). His car is currently stuck in the apartment parking lot apparently. After he gets free, I expect we will head out to the post office, fedex and the mall. I hope so anyway.

(Note to self, get a snow themed icon.)
I posting this super later in part due to the fact that we didn't get home til 1:30-2:00am, Chris was over til 3:10 and then I was sitting in my sister's room for nearly the next hour. The rest of the time between now and then would be my usual distract-able, absentminded nature. Anyway.

My happy for Friday the 19th was Ryoko's (Karen's) Christmas Party! There was tons of food, a fair number (though not the usual crowd) of people showed up and people had fun. The usual white elephant gift exchange was interesting as usual (Josh gets crazier every year).

The best part of the party is the "game show" Karen puts on. This is where Karen takes the gift received in the exchange and you get to pick from one of three choices for a new gift. This might be better thand what you started with and it might be worse. A few years ago, those that wanted to, put their names in a jar and players were selected by chance. The past few years, it's started with the people that most agree got the worst gift in the exchange. After that, it goes down the list of worst gift to people who just plain don't want what they got. It's a ton of fun because everyone shouts their opinion of which choice to make. The choices are usually within or represented by three numbered boxes.

After the exchange and the game show, most people took off and we ended the night watching Wall-E. I was glad to finally get to see it. The willingness of the people to change their lifestyle really surprised me. Maybe, I'm cynical or jaded, but real people aren't usually that quick to embrace change, let alone some thing as radical as this change was for them. It was encouraging to believe that such a positive spirit exists or could be inspired in people. Wall-E himself is awesome and so the whole movie was good. :)
All right, I should have had this posted with the date "Dec 18th" since I was home around 6:30pm due to my store closing at 6:00pm. But instead I came home and decided to use my new found free time to watch some anime I've had sitting around for about a month and a half. So I did. Then some other stuff happened and my friend Chris said "Hey you didn't post on LJ!" That led to me being here at last. Aaaand then I slip in the snow in the garden while walking the dog. I used that as a good enough reason to take the shower I meant to take anyway.

My happy for Thursday the 18th was, primarily SNOW!!!! Tons of it compared to the time before. Secondary to that but also a resulting factor: early work closure. That and Chris the store manager was cool about leaving clothes behind instead of his usual crazy self that would want to get everything done.

And something from Wednesday: I finally got our Christmas tree decorated! The tree itself has been sitting in its stand for a week or two. At first it was undecorated because I didn't have the parts of the stand meant to keep the three stable. Then Ben the room mate made his own solution. It works....mostly. Then The lights I thought worked fine only half worked after I had them on the tree. Trying to fix them, I broke them entirely. Two of the three bunches from my Mom worked, but one of those was this terrible tangle. So we borrowed some from a friend. One worked great, the other was half out, but I rescued the bottom of the tree with the short strand that was left from my Mom's stuff. Three quarters of the tree is colored and the bottom bit is in white lights.

The end happy for that too long tale is that I got tubs of Christmas stuff from my Mom. So this year, after 4 years of lacking, I got to decorate with the ornaments and things I'd used for years on our family tree. My sister would prefer the "simple" way we've been decorating (just some bulb ornaments and matching garland). I love having all those ornaments on there. Nostalgic. Be nice if we could have a larger tree (or at least taller) for next year though.
Ok, so I got distracted and didn't post a "happy" thing yesterday. Oops.

Happy for Monday would be that our room mate Ben was willing to get up and take me to the store since he had not been able to get the $10 I had asked to borrow in cash. I really needed one item in particular so it was a relief to be able to get it. The rest of the day was pretty meh.

Happy for Tuesday... Well it was a pretty lack luster day too. The happy point would be that sharing the cupcakes my mom brought to work made my coworkers happy. :)

I'm also aware that by a technicality, I'm posting the "happy" of Tuesday on Wednesday instead (Wednesday on Thursday etc). But I don't usually get online til midnight, so that's just how it works out.
For Sunday's real entry: I got to see Twilight today. I boggled a little at some things, laughed at a few things (cheezier than expected when played out live) and over all, enjoyed myself. I finished reading the first book only a week or two ago and actually liked it. Then we went to Tj's house and followed that up with a viewing of The Dark Knight (=awesome). Dark Knight is a fantastic movie for many reasons and one is that it makes me think. I feel like I still don't understand a number of the things said, philosophies held or actions taken, but I think I get just a smidge closer every time I watch it.
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