tsuki_okami212 ([personal profile] tsuki_okami212) wrote2009-03-28 04:12 am

I should be sleeping, but...

when do I ever sleep when I should?

Anyway, just a quick note for anyone who reads this/cares: I got a letter from my bank. They approved my fraud claim! so they paid back all the money that was messed with and reversed all the related fees. BUT I still need to pay back all the money I did 'advance' to my account then and there are still negative balance fees. D: And since I won't be able to pay that all back at once....more fees! I wonder if I should ask them to put a freeze on the negative balance fees and put me on a payment schedule for the money owed? If not it is LAME. I might need to ask my friend Q if he will lend me the $$ to cover it and I can pay -him- back over time.

This will all be much easier to handle -after- I make myself go to PIMA Medical Institute and learn to be a phlebotomy technician (blood drawing/tests etc). Then I will make more money! Yay! It will be hard to leave Value village, but it will only get harder the longer I stay there, so...just need to take the plunge.

Note to self: I am not capable of a "quick" note. Later. :)